To the Keeper of His Secrets: Swallow Your Pride. For Amy.

By Naptime Nancy

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Amy Renee Mihaljevic’s life was stolen. She was found on February 8th, 1990, in Ashland County, OH.

Who the Hell am I to be all self righteous and ask someone I don’t know, to come forward with information regarding the death of a little girl that I never even knew? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m the daughter of a little girl that was sexually assaulted. Beaten and touched day in and day out for nearly a decade.  My mother and her siblings were prisoners of a psychological war/nightmare happening under their own roof. The place we’re all supposed to feel the safest. My mother’s step father would line all five kids up and beat them until one of them confessed to a ridiculous accusation that none of them even committed. The aunt I never got to meet was just nine when she died of cancer, but this sadistic man did not discriminate in involving her in the daily beatings up until her death. It was the fear in a child’s eyes that aroused him the most.

There were multiple people who knew what happened to my mother and her siblings. Including their own mother. And yet. Not one single person spoke up. Not one single person came forward. They either didn’t want to get involved in the “drama” of it all, or they didn’t want to “disgrace” the family name. My mother and one of her brothers both tried to alert the authorities but no one did anything because no actual adults stepped up to help or press charges. The woman I will never call “Grandma” didn’t want the disgrace of another divorce. Believed she had nowhere to go. And so, she just drank and did NOTHING. Turns out, this same monster molested his own sister as an adolescent and at least one other little boy in the 70’s. His three year old stepson from a previous marriage. This man? He’s still free. And he’s still with my pathetic excuse for a “grandma”. At least all the kids are grown and out of the house now though right? Wrong. I’ve found information linking him to a teen chat site within recent years.

Me sharing this information with all of you is not for pity upon my family. It’s to instill the message that those with sexual preferences for children DO NOT STOP. And the loved ones or friends out there who keep these secrets, hold the key to preventing other children from getting molested. Beaten. Killed. Which brings me to the whole point of this article. Someone out there knows who took Amy Mihaljevic on October 27th, 1989 from Bay Village, OH. Someone KNOWS who killed that sweet little ten year old girl, Amy Renee Mihaljevic, left her body in a field, and likely went back to uncover her from that green blanket turned curtain to ensure someone saw her and knew what he did. Odds are, Amy’s killer has been since seen walking past where her body was found. Whether the reason be to relive what happened or possibly even due to remorse. Amy’s killer was obsessed. Determined. Perhaps they have attempted to give back to their community in some way out of guilt for their actions. But no good deed will ever offer some sense of relief from that guilt. Not like the truth will.

The memorial made for Amy at city hall in Bay Village, Ohio. Located across the street from the shopping center she was abducted from on October 27th, 1989. 

Maybe you’re a sibling. A cousin. A friend who knows that someone is lying about their whereabouts the day Amy went missing. Hell, maybe you vouched for the killer’s alibi because you didn’t think it could possibly be them at the time. You know that pit in your gut that you keep ignoring? Those moments you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind racing after thinking back to a memory of that person and how it could be linked to Amy’s life ending? Do you know of other children this person has hurt or maybe “just touched” (since molestation & rape seem to be so dismissed by society)? You might be thinking that the person you’re protecting had a preference for little boys, so he couldn’t possibly have hurt a little girl. And you would be so wrong. That’s not how it works. In fact, according to The Lake Erie Murders documentary, Amy’s killer actually did call a little boy and his older sister thankfully intervened. That is a crucial detail that needs to be shared more openly to drill into people’s heads to not cross any pedophiles off the list. If your silence is due to fear of tarnishing your family name or someone else’s, allow me to propose this: What scenario is worse for your family or the person’s you’re protecting? Turning in the information you have now and helping a ten year old girl’s family and loved ones have answers at long last? Or remaining silent? You doing nothing means that you in turn live with that guilt and those anxiety ridden nights for the rest of your life. Even long after this killer is caught. And he will be caught.

Science is tracking down his family lineage as we speak. The same brilliant minds that caught the Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr., who so smugly lived amongst the same community’s nose for forty two years. They will zero in on him, and your moment for redemption will have you passed by forever. Leaving you stuck with the guilt that you sensed he did it. You KNEW it was him. And were too weak to speak up. Do the right thing. I will leave you with a message from one of Amy’s best friends, Kristy Sabo;

“With the anniversary of her death coming up on February 8th, Amy is on a lot of people’s minds. Even if you saw something or think you saw something, your report can be anonymous. It doesn’t matter, the littlest thing can help. Amy just had her 40th birthday and it would be a wonderful birthday present for her to finally have a resolution. Even if you’re scared, an anonymous tip would not matter. Her mom is not at rest right now because she knows that we don’t know down here on earth, what happened. Obviously, someone knows something. The littlest thing could help. It could be your child”. 

If you have ANY information regarding a person or instance you think may be connected to the abduction and murder of Amy Mihaljevic, please contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI. You can also leave an anonymous tip at Or contact Bay Village Police at (440) 871-1234 or email

On behalf of the child of a victim of childhood sexual abuse & violence who still endures severe post traumatic stress disorder, I thank you for doing the right thing and allowing Amy’s loved ones some answers and peace at long last.


2 thoughts on “To the Keeper of His Secrets: Swallow Your Pride. For Amy.

  1. Well Written! The more people that say something even on a hunch. The more children will be saved from these kind of horrors.

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  2. bridgett / jamee cooper February 20, 2019 — 6:17 am

    Thank you for this, my prayers are with you and family, you deserve justice alongside the other families effected by this.

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